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Emergency Dental Care

Emergencies, by their very nature, are never convenient. That’s why Dr. Cormier and his Beverly dental team offer emergency dental care. With emergency dental care, we can help you reclaim good oral health and achieve peace of mind.

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Call our Beverly office today. And to learn more about how you should respond to some of the most common dental emergencies, keep reading.

Knocked Out Tooth

A patient who has just lost a tooth should take the following steps. First, call Dr. Cormier’s Beverly dental office to alert us to your emergency. Then, if possible, try putting the tooth back into the socket it came from. If you’re unable to do that, store it in a bag of milk until we’re able to see you. Reattachment may be possible, but only if we can see you immediately.

Broken Tooth

For patients who have a cracked or broken tooth, the first step (after calling us) is to rinse the tooth with warm water. To prevent or reduce swelling, apply a cold compress to the area and come to our office as soon as you can.

Severe Toothache

Toothaches have many causes, and not all of them serious. If you’re experiencing discomfort, try flossing around it first, before you call us. It’s possible a piece of debris may be caught around the tooth, causing it to ache. If your pain persists, call Dr. Cormier’s office for an appointment. We offer a range of treatment options to help.

Cut or Bitten Tongue/Lip

The most obvious problem a patient who’s cut or bitten her tongue will face is bleeding. Apply a cold compress to the injury to stop bleeding and prevent swelling. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, visit your local emergency room, as stitches may be needed. Call us if one or more teeth have sustained an injury.

Possibly Broken Jaw

A patient with an injured jaw should go to the emergency room immediately. If any teeth have been lost or damaged, call our Beverly dental office for emergency dental care.

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